My Valentine’s Day Guide

I have an overview of my guide at the bottom of this post 🙂

Start the day off with a walk through Audubon Park or Lakeshore Drive

Then have brunch at Paladar 511- make sure to make reservations 🙂

Start your day wandering throughout the city

Areas of choice:

Canal Street

Saint Charles Ave.

French Quarter

Magazine Street

Central Business District



The Garden District

Some of my favorite places to wander:

Julia Street to check out new art exhibits in various galleries such as MacGryder Art Gallery. Want a bite? Check out Auction House Market to try my favorite macarons at Mac and Moon. Want a romantic spot to grab a drink? Try Bar Marilou and get their old fashioned and their scallop tapa. Looking for a rooftop bar? Check out the Ace Hotel and Catahoula Hotel.

Magazine Street to browse through shops (Funky Monkey and Saint Claude Social Club) and eat at Saba or Nomiya for their incredible pork bacos. Craving something sweet? Check out The Vintage for their stuffed beignets. Need some caffeine? Check out drink beauty.

French Quarter to go to my favorite boutiques (Sweet Pea and Tulip Boutique), eat some crepes in the French Market at Holy Crepes and grab a bite at Dian Xin for some of the best Chinese in the city *try their crawfish and crab bao as well as their hot and sour soup dumplings*

Mid-City: Late night beer craving? Go to Wrong-Iron on the Greenway to grab some beer, make s’mores by the fire and fingers crossed their food truck is there to grab a tasty bite! This brewery is very dog friendly so bring your pup too! 

Uptown: Go to Chais Delachaise for a cheese board and some wine then go to the thrift store on the right! Wander through Maple Street, Oak Street, and Freret. Need a king cake? My favorite king cake is made and sold at Tartine. Out for brunch at Toast? They also sell these amazing king cakes.

Saint Charles Ave: Go up to one of my favorite rooftop bars at the Hot Tin. They have some pretty stellar cocktails here. 

Garden District:Go to Commander’s Palace for lunch to grab their .25 martinis!

Canal Street: Wander around like a tourist in your own city!

Lunch Spots:

  1. Turkey and the Wolf (Lamb Torti)
  2. Otra Vez
  3. Vessel
  4. Commander’s Palace
  5. Meril
  6. Piece of Meat
  7. Blue Oak BBQ
  8. Central City BBQ
  9. Tartine

Dinner Spots:

  1. Herbsaint
  2. Lilette
  3. Otra Vez
  4. Costera
  5. Commander’s Palace
  6. Vessel
  7. N7
  8. Meril
  9. Dian Xin
  10. Compere Lapin

Simple Day Guide:

Brunch at Paladar 511

Walk through Audubon Park

Go to the Art District to check out new art exhibits on Julia Street.

Grab some macarons at Mac and Moon in the Auction House Market

Head over to Otra Vez for lunch

Go shopping or browse through the many boutiques on Magazine Street

Want something sweet? Grab a beignet flight and champagne at The Vintage on Magazine Street. They have a special Valentine’s Day flavor as well as their king cake flavor.

Watch a movie at my absolute favorite theater, The Prytania.

Grab a glass of wine at Effervescence.

Starving? Check out N7 for dinner for a european, sultry experience.

Don’t want the night to end? Go to a new bar such as Observatory Eleven Bar.

Enjoy your Valentine’s day with your honey or galentines!

The Art District

My Day Guide to Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville has a very special place in my heart. My husband and I were looking for a place to start our future together and Charlottesville was the first place that felt like home. The charm of this town is unreal. I highly recommend taking a trip to Charlottesville to experience the vineyards, food scene, and outdoor activities!

We chose an Airbnb for our stays in Charlottesville. But if you’re looking for a great hotel to stay at these are a couple of great options:

The Clifton or Oakhurst Inn

Boar’s Head Resort


Brunch: We grabbed smoothies at Corner Juice for brunch to start the morning off on a healthy note.

Lunch: Fitzroy was our absolute favorite place to get a decadent chicken sandwich and fries.

Dinner: Public Fish & Oysters was a swanky small restaurant near the square. We enjoyed lots of oysters from up north. After experiencing our seafood scene in New Orleans. I can definitely say that the northeast has some incredibly tasty oysters with such a different flavor than NOLA.

Drinks: Whiskey Jar has mind blowing drinks! Their bartenders really know what they’re doing. Probably the best bar I’ve ever been to. Definitely try their peppercorn gimlet. I still haven’t found a bar that can recreate it.

Snacks: On our way to the mountains we found King’s gourmet popcorn truck. We bought so many bags of popcorn!!

Things to Do

Stroll around the town square, go hiking, and enjoy many bottles of wine at any one of Charlottesville’s many vineyards.

Humpback Rocks

If you’re looking for something to do outside of Charlottesville check out Virginia Beach. If you go during the winter time you can bring your pup on the beach. We had so much fun running around with our pup on the beach together. I highly recommend it.

If you’re looking to go first thing in the morning there is a brunch spot on the opposite side of the water, Pocahontas Pancake House. I highly recommend it for gluten free foodies who are looking for an awesome flower shaped waffle. I topped mine with strawberries, of course. They also have honey to drizzle on top of your breakfast foods.

I hope you all enjoyed my day trip to Charlottesville! Looking forward to reading your comments.

xxx, nolanadine

Luna Fête Light Show ’19

Luna Fête
Light up New Orleans Art is a light show made by local artists. This light show was nothing like I’d ever seen before. They use light and video mapping tech, sound installations and motion graphics. They also incorporated the architecture into the art of each video set. Enjoy the sights of Luna Fête below!

You can find this light show display during the Christmas season. A perfect time to get a hot cocoa and wander around the city. Luckily the event had spiked hot cocoa, food, and lots of local vendors!:)

I hope you enjoyed the preview of the show. Looking forward to your thoughts comments.
xoxo, nolanadine

Mid-Century Modern Home Decor

Enjoy my favorite mid-century modern picks for the whole house! Make sure to keep an eye out for my meditation room post for all of your relaxation needs.

Entrance Room

Photo Credits
Photo Credits

Living Room

Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits

Bathroom Decor

Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits

Bedroom Decor

Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits


Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits

Dining Room

Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits


Photo Credits
Photo Credits

Porch Decor

Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits
Photo Credits

Thank you for reading my top picks of mid-century modern home decor. If you click on Photo Credits under any photo it will bring you straight to the website where you can purchase furniture and all of your desired decor needs. Happy Shopping!

xx, nolanadine

Fashion Trends of 2020

Check out my favorite fashion trends of the new year below! Be sure to look for my next posts: 2019 trends that made it to the new year!

1. Puffed Sleeves

Minusey/ via Minusey/ shop at
@sheskarinaa_/ via Twitter/

2. Polka Dots

Photo Credits
Satin Silky Polka Dot Ruched Midi Dress - Camel
Photo Credits
Photo Credits

3. Trench Coats

Coat Cravings
Photo Credits
Designer Organza Trench Coat _ Clothia
Photo Credits
Contrast Stitch Hooded Trench Coat by CAALO _ Moda Operandi
Photo Credits
Trendy Now_ a bolsa croco vai invadir os looks das estações mais frias » STEAL THE LOOK (1)
Photo Credits

4. Leather on Leather

Photo Credits
Harley Tan Vegan Leather Mini Skirt
Photo Credits
10 Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Season - Society19
Photo Credits

5. Sweater Dresses

Karma V-Neck Dress _ Sweater Dress W_ Belt
Photo Credits
Shop Forever 21 for the latest trends and the best deals
Photo Credits
Image about fashion in looks 👗👑 by ⓚⓐⓗ on We Heart It
Photo Credits

Thank you for reading my trending post! Be sure to check out my other posts about style, new orleans, food, and home decor!

xx, nolanadine



Best Eats of December

Enjoy my favorite eats of December

My Top Three:

Reginelli’s Cauliflower Pizza

Kimchi Udon Noodles at Daiwa

True Food’s Kale Aid Juice- the perfect balance of sweet and green!

*hover over the pictures for more details!*

The month of December I took the healthier route. So feel free to enjoy all of these tasty and delicious bites soon!

New Orleans Guide

Thanks for joining me on my favorite locals guide to New Orleans. Below you will find my favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and hidden gems!

Let’s Start the Day off with BRUNCH:

You can’t go wrong at Apolline, Tartine, Toast, Bearcat, and Paladar 511.

Things to do during the day:

Wander around Magazine, Julia St., Audubon Park, Crescent Park, Canal Street, and the French Quarter.

You can’t visit New Orleans and not do your fair share of day drinking. Here are my favorite spots to get tipsy.

Bayou Wine and Beer Garden, Claret, Bacchanal, Miel Brewery, Cure, and Bordeaux.

Snack time?

Grab some beignets at Cafe Beignet or Cafe du Monde. Unfortunately my personal favorite, Morning Call closed.

Pro Tip: ask for a bag and put extra powdered sugar in the bag and shake it!

Lunch time:

Parkway Bakery and Tavern, Turkey and the Wolf, Saba, Paloma Cafe, and Good Karma.

Let’s talk dinner cause now I’m starved:

Costera, Compere Lapin, Paladar 511, Commander’s Palace, Copper Vine, Sobou, The Rib Room, N7, and Dian Xin.

Feel free to comment below for more recommendations!

xxx, nolanadine

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