Where to Eat in NOLA

Let’s Start the Day off with BRUNCH:


You can’t go wrong at Apolline, Tartine, Toast, Bearcat, and Paladar 511.

Things to do during the day:


Wander around Magazine, Julia St., Audubon Park, Crescent Park, Canal Street, and the French Quarter.



Grab some beignets at Cafe Beignet or Cafe du Monde.

Pro Tip: ask for a bag and put extra powdered sugar in the bag and shake it!

Lunch Recommendations:


Parkway Bakery and Tavern, Turkey and the Wolf, Saba, Paloma Cafe, and Good Karma.

Dinner Recommendations:


Costera, Compere Lapin, Paladar 511, Commander’s Palace, Copper Vine, SoBou, The Rib Room, N7, and Dian Xin.

Best Places to Grab a Drink:


Bayou Wine and Beer Garden, Claret, Bacchanal, Miel Brewery, Cure, and Bordeaux.

Comment below for more recommendations!


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