New Orleans Guide

Thanks for joining me on my favorite locals guide to New Orleans. Below you will find my favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and hidden gems!

Let’s Start the Day off with BRUNCH:

You can’t go wrong at Apolline, Tartine, Toast, Bearcat, and Paladar 511.

Things to do during the day:

Wander around Magazine, Julia St., Audubon Park, Crescent Park, Canal Street, and the French Quarter.

You can’t visit New Orleans and not do your fair share of day drinking. Here are my favorite spots to get tipsy.

Bayou Wine and Beer Garden, Claret, Bacchanal, Miel Brewery, Cure, and Bordeaux.

Snack time?

Grab some beignets at Cafe Beignet or Cafe du Monde. Unfortunately my personal favorite, Morning Call closed.

Pro Tip: ask for a bag and put extra powdered sugar in the bag and shake it!

Lunch time:

Parkway Bakery and Tavern, Turkey and the Wolf, Saba, Paloma Cafe, and Good Karma.

Let’s talk dinner cause now I’m starved:

Costera, Compere Lapin, Paladar 511, Commander’s Palace, Copper Vine, Sobou, The Rib Room, N7, and Dian Xin.

Feel free to comment below for more recommendations!

xxx, nolanadine

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