Charlottesville, VA in a Day

Charlottesville has a very special place in my heart. My husband and I were looking for a place to start our future together and Charlottesville was the first place that felt like home. The charm of this town is unreal. I highly recommend taking a trip to Charlottesville to experience the vineyards, food scene, and outdoor activities!

We chose an Airbnb for our stays in Charlottesville. But if you’re looking for a great hotel to stay at these are a couple of great options:

The Clifton or Oakhurst Inn

Boar’s Head Resort


Brunch: We grabbed smoothies at Corner Juice for brunch to start the morning off on a healthy note.

Lunch: Fitzroy was our absolute favorite place to get a decadent chicken sandwich and fries.

Dinner: Public Fish & Oysters was a swanky small restaurant near the square. We enjoyed lots of oysters from up north. After experiencing our seafood scene in New Orleans. I can definitely say that the northeast has some incredibly tasty oysters with such a different flavor than NOLA.

Drinks: Whiskey Jar has mind blowing drinks! Their bartenders really know what they’re doing. Probably the best bar I’ve ever been to. Definitely try their peppercorn gimlet. I still haven’t found a bar that can recreate it.

Snacks: On our way to the mountains we found King’s gourmet popcorn truck. We bought so many bags of popcorn!

Things to Do

Stroll around the town square, go hiking, and enjoy many bottles of wine at any one of Charlottesville’s many vineyards.

Humpback Rocks

If you’re looking for something to do outside of Charlottesville check out Virginia Beach. If you go during the winter time you can bring your pup on the beach. We had so much fun running around with our pup on the beach together. I highly recommend it.

If you’re looking to go first thing in the morning there is a brunch spot on the opposite side of the water, Pocahontas Pancake House. I highly recommend it for gluten free foodies who are looking for an awesome flower shaped waffle. I topped mine with strawberries, of course. They also have honey to drizzle on top of your breakfast foods.

I hope you all enjoyed my day trip to Charlottesville! Looking forward to reading your comments.


One thought on “Charlottesville, VA in a Day

  1. Got to love Virginia. My wife and took a road-trip some years ago from Manchester, NH to Austin, TX and thoroughly enjoyed our time shadowing the Appalachian Trail and our brief excursion to Charlottesville. In fact I think we have a pic somewhere from the Humpbacks maybe in that same spot, lol.


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